5 Ideas For...Last Minute Valentines Day Baking

It's not long now until Valentine day and I bet some of you have forgotten! Maybe you have made a pact that you are going to make something homemade? Why not get your bake on and try one of these 5 Valentines inspired recipes...

Possibly the cutest thing ever!

OK...maybe THESE are the cutest thing ever!

These are super cute too...and hopefully not too difficult? 

4. Chocolate Candy Love Heart Popsicles (Our own Recipe)

5. Homemade Love Heart Chocolates (Our Own Recipe)

Transform a basic chocolate bar into something special with the help of some crushed honeycomb, food colouring and sprinkles.

Chocolate Honeycomb Bites.
Melt milk chocolate, sprinkle honeycomb or sprinkles into the bottom of a silicone love heart mould and pour in the melted chocolate. Freeze to set.

Pink and white swirled chocolates.
Melt white chocolate and once of the heat add a small amount of pink gel colouring. Use a wooden skewer to swirl the colouring around pour into silicone moulds. Freeze to set.

Why not make you own chocolate box to give them in?


  1. This sure looks like fun! Thanks for sharing. I'm hoping my hubby will do some baking with my daughter as im stuck in bed at the minute too dizzy to do that but yes..baking can be so fun and decorating the tin even better!

  2. Yum yum yum! These all look so tasty! Baking a gift is such a great idea- nice to get the children involved and it's so personal too! Must try some of these out over the weekend! Thanks for sharing :) Amelia xx

  3. These are all such cute ideas! If I find myself with some spare time this weekend I might attempt one of them!


  4. What cute ideas! The homemade box is gorgeous, what a lovely gift for someone to receive this Valentine's Day! xx

  5. These are such cute ideas! They all look lovely but I especially love the cake pops :) xx

  6. There are some absolutely lovely ideas here, me and Emily have made some cookies and cupcakes for her daddy! x

  7. These all look delicious. What a lovely way to spend v day baking these xx

  8. Lovely ideas here. We don't do anything for Valentines so there will be no effort from me other than a card and a novelty gift! But it would be nice if hubby baked something for me from Lamb! xx

  9. These look delicious and lovely ideas

  10. What great ideas for Valentines day, I cant believe it is over already! xx


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