The Ordinary Moments...Learning To Read

We all know that when our children start school that it wont be long until they are able to read. And then it happens and its a shock. A shock that all o a sudden they can read. Whether it be one word, a short sentence, a whole book...

In just a matter of a few months Jenson has gone from only recognising his name and only the letters in his name to being able to read a simple first story. He spends the majority of his time writing and spelling and if he isn't doing that then he is searching for letters around him, or rhyming words. 

I wont lie, when he started school I was a little worried, as I am a big Pinterest fan for educational activities I am all to aware of the (apparent) fact that boys learn to read and aren't as interested in all of that as girls but he certainly doesn't fit into that category, at least not at home anyways!

I absolutely love our evenings of reading, snuggling up on the sofa and cuddled up under a blanket as he reads me his story before bed...


  1. Aw he is doing so well and I loved watching the video. It's amazing isn't it? Mads has gone from not reading at all to doing so well in just a term, I love reading her book with her each month! We use Kipper and Biff in our school as well! x

  2. Aw he is doing so well, I loved watching the video and watching him read! Mads has gone from not reading at all to reading so well (Although she still blends the words out loud) in just a term. I love reading with her. x


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