My 10 Mummy Confessions

Its 2016! And seeing as my goal this year is to film 2 uploads a week, its 2 weeks in and I haven't filmed 1 I thought I would join in with Vlog Stars to ease me back into it! This months theme is 10 mummy confessions...

1. Sometimes (read as at least once a day) I sneak (OK I ram) a biscuit or 2 into my mouth. Don't lie we have all done it!

2. I regularly have the 'I'm just going home to clean' conversation with Jenson and Evie when dropping them at school and nursery...I lie, the reality is I am either a) going to soft play or b) going for coffee and cake!

3. In the past I may have used the kids birthday money to pay for the food shop....they got it back of course,  but you know, needs must!

4. I have re-wrapped our unwanted presents and given them to school friends.

5. I can go days without brushing my hair...but shout at Ellie if she doesn't do it in a morning. Sorry Ell's you will understand when you are a mum yourself!

6. I regularly clean my clothes with baby wipes and linen spray rather than the washing machine, because erm...well I don't have an excuse. Sorry!

7. I blame the 3 year old for farting in shops....99.9% of the time it was me. (OK I lie again...its me EVERY time!)

8. Last week I had no clean I stretched a pair of Evie's socks over my big old feet!!! 

9. When the kids have something nice to eat, like a chocolate bar, a cake from the bakery etc I tell them I have to have the first bite to make sure its not poisoned! 

10. This is the biggest confession and I have actually considered not putting it on this list for fear of getting caught out. But then realised I have Instagrammed it in the past and as Dean NEVER bothers with any of my blog stuff or You Tube stuff I am free to admit that....Every morning Dean gets up at 6(ish) with the kids, I will then lay in bed procrastinating on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and when he comes upstairs to wake me at 7.30 with a coffee I throw my phone under the pillow and pretend to be asleep! Shhhhhhhhh...don't tell him, I have this shit down to a tee, I've been doing it for over 2 years and he still suspects nothing! 

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  1. hahaha! I have done most of this too! I always pinch my girls socks and make them fit. That last one is fab! I have done that plenty of times :D


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