Easy DIY WWII Land Girl Costume

Ellie has been learning about World War 2 at school and had a curriculum day where they dressed up as someone from the WWII years. We looked online for a costume and we couldn't find anything that jumped out at us, it was all the same 2 costumes and she wanted something different so we decided to go for a DIY land girl. Here is how we did it...

You will need:

Spotted shirt or t shirt
Large square of fabric (or head scarf)
Red lipstick

To tie the head scarf, fold your square in half into a triangle, fold the tip of the triangle into the middle, then fold over again until you get the desired thickness. Pop around your head so the points are up at the top of your head, double knot to secure to your head then lastly gently pull some of your hair out from underneath the headscarf, just enough to make a quiffy roll (I make this sound ridiculous but it was really easy!)

Finish with a lick of classic 1940's bright red lipstick. 

Voila...your ready to go, just remember to take some of the 1940's kick ass attitude with you! 

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