The Ordinary Moments...Learning To Read

We all know that when our children start school that it wont be long until they are able to read. And then it happens and its a shock. A shock that all o a sudden they can read. Whether it be one word, a short sentence, a whole book...

Family Meal Plan #12

Spinach and 3 Cheese Cannelloni

Top Tip: If you have left over bits and bobs in the fridge Google put the ingredients in the search bar and recipes will come up, this will save wastage. (This is what I have done and found the Moussaka recipe this week, which will cost us the price of a bag of green lentils and saves wastage from unused food!)

Cheese and Apple Loaf | Cooking With Kids

We have finally started back at cooking class with the girls. We took a (quite long) break due to starting back at school and well I got lazy in the things I did with the monsters. I really do recommend if you have a local kids cooking class that you are able to attend then go check it out! We got a FREE class at our local Sure Start...This week we made cheese and apple loaf. The monsters enjoyed this warm just out of the oven the most...

Gro-Clock Review

Late last year we had BIG problems getting Evie to stay in be any later than 5.30, he was waking everyone else in the house up and to be honest this resulted in a pretty miserable house as everyone was tired! So when The Gro Company got in touch and asked if we would like to review the Gro-Clock of course I aid yes!

DIY Chocolate Box #BostikBloggers

We have been busy thinking about things we can make ahead of St. Valentines Day next month, the lovely people from Bostik send us a box of craft goodies to get us started and we decided to make these cute chocolate box (oh and we made the chocolate's too! 

#ToddlerApprovedTuesday #61

Thank you to everyone for linking last week, we had a great week and some newbies join us (hello!) and some old faces returned too...

5 Ideas For...Slow Cooker Minced Beef Recipes

One thing we always have in the freezer is minced beef, but its always saved for the same old lasagna or the same old shepherds pie. So I have been searching around for some fresh new ideas and seeing as its winter and the season of the slow cooker here are my 5 favourite recipes I came across...

My 10 Mummy Confessions

Its 2016! And seeing as my goal this year is to film 2 uploads a week, its 2 weeks in and I haven't filmed 1 I thought I would join in with Vlog Stars to ease me back into it! This months theme is 10 mummy confessions...

#ToddlerApprovedTuesday #60

Thanks to everyone who came by last week, I really enjoyed everyone's posts. And also thanks to everyone who joined in with the #MyToddlerLearns hashtag on Instagram. 

Family Meal Plan #10

One of my resolutions this year is to meal plan every week. We save so much money when I plan, so I really need to crack on and stick with it!

Party Bags and Supplies Review

Way back in October we celebrated Elsie's 2nd birthday and the lovely people from Party Bags and Supplies got in touch and asked if we would like to take our pick from their MASSIVE range...

Build A Snowman Creation Station.

Last year our little town missed out on all the snow! It seemed like the whole of the UK had now but somehow Skegness missed out completely! This year, thanks to Frozen, all the monsters want to do is build an Olaf snowman unfortunately it doesn't look like we will be getting snow anytime soon so I have set up a mini creation station so they can make some snowmen and a little snowy scene so they can add their snowman to the display...

5 Ideas For...Transforming Your Home

The new year is a great opportunity for a fresh start, whether it be working your way towards a new career or transforming your lifestyle for the better. When the new year comes around, many of us look to our homes and see if there are any ways to refresh the tired looking decor without having to do a complete overhaul, and a bit of redecorating can be a great way to renew your home and have it feeling fresh and new again. Here are some ideas for redecorating your home in the New Year, room by room.

Easy DIY WWII Land Girl Costume

Ellie has been learning about World War 2 at school and had a curriculum day where they dressed up as someone from the WWII years. We looked online for a costume and we couldn't find anything that jumped out at us, it was all the same 2 costumes and she wanted something different so we decided to go for a DIY land girl. Here is how we did it...

#ToddlerApprovedTuesday #59

I should start by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR! I am so excited for the things that 2016 will of my 'Mummy' resolutions is to start doing more activities with Elsie, so my links up now will be truely Toddler Approved! (Elsie was 2 at the end of October) I can't wait to get some new ideas from you all...