Hape Wooden Noah's Ark Review

Christmas is just around the corner and I have been busy wrapping gifts and finding ideas to share with you. The lovely people at Marbel recently send me a couple of items to review, a wooden crane lift and this wooden Noahs Ark...

The Hape Noahs Ark is a pull along toy, shape sorter and play set all in one! A great toy with so many uses that makes it perfect for children of all ages (suitable for children 12 months plus).

The Noah's ark comes complete with 7 animals (2 of each of course!) and wooden figures of Noah and his wife too. each piece is the perfect size for little hands to post and play with.

Made from chunky wood, this Noah's Ark set is built to last and will provide children with hours of play. They will love taking the animals in the ark and pulling it along to play with and then emptying it our again!  Playing with each of the individual characters and slotting them into the ark will help develop your child's motor skills and hand-to-eye co-ordination and  it's a brilliant toy for teaching the names of different animals.
And when they are done playing it all tucks together for easy storage and to keep it all together!

Hape is the worlds leading sustainable toy manufacturer, combining education innovation and fun to bring children all they could ever want from a toy! With the use of natural materials, water based paints and high quality and safety standards Hape make sure they are a brand parents can trust. 

The Hape Wooden Noah's Ark RRP's at £24.99

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