Galt Nail Art Studio Review

Ellie is very much a girly girl kinda tween. She loves anything to do with make up and nails so I knew that the Galt Nail Art Studio would be a massive hit...

The Nail Art Studio is aimed at children 8+ and has everything they could possibly need to get them started with 8 colours of nail varnish, 3 nail art pens to add detail, stickers to decorate and clear or silver glitter varnish to finish off. There are also a pair of toe separators, a nail file and some glitter tattoos. There is everything you need to either copy the nail designs in the guide or create your very own nail art.

This is a great little starter kit for tween's, as you can see from the video below, Ellie has great fun experimenting....Subscribe to us on You Tube for more children's nail art ideas and weekly uploads. 

Disclaimer: We were sent this product in return for a video and feature on our blog. All words, photos etc are our own.

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