Keeping Warm This Winter with Best Electric Radiators

I don't know about you but I am always cold! We have been looking into buying an electric heater at some point in the new year. 

The main thing we are worried about is cost. Last winter our gas bill cost between £30-50 a week for the 4 month period between November and February (We are on Pay As You Go gas meter) This was for a couple of hours of heating in the morning and a couple if hours in the evening. Best Electric Radiators also claim they can reduce your heating bills by up to 50%. Impressive right? 

After reading this and looking into this method of heating more closely I found that it could cost as little as 2-3 pence per hour. This is due to the radiators at Best Electric Radiators including an Intelligent Control System (ICS) that closely monitors room temperature to minimise energy wastage.  It does this by preventing temperature overshooting and undershooting.  When the optimum room temperature is reached the electric radiators will maintain the room temperature by topping up the heat when required. 

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The electric radiators cost from £199 and I think they look stylish too. They are easy to install too, Just a couple of brackets needed to attach to the wall and a nearby plug socket are required. 

On the outset it looks like this could be for us, its definitely something I will be researching a little more. 

Disclaimer: This is a  collaborative post.

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