Washi Tape Christmas Tree Craft

Its official...its December 1st and so that means I can post Christmas posts to my hearts content without worry of annoying readers! Have you started crafting or anything yet? This washi tape Christmas tree craft is great for kids of all ages, and incorporates some mathematical skills too...

What you need:

Various colour of washi tape (we chose 4 colours that matched those of our fire place decorations)
Thick Card 
Ribbon and hole punch (if you want to make your decoration a hanging one)

This craft is so easy and can be adapted for all ages, but was perfect for Jenson and Ellie 

So all you have to do is cut triangles from your card, we tried different sizes, some smaller to hang on the tree and some larger ones for the window ledges and fire place. Then cut out lengths of washi and stick them on to your triangle, then fold over the back and then add some strong card tabs to the bottom o that the tree will stand up...

Tahh dahhh, what do you think...

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