Candy Cane Chocolate Lollies

We have been trying to think of gifts that the children can give to the teachers at school. We were originally making these Reindeer Chocolate Jars, but they weren't very cost effective (between the monsters there are 14 teachers!!) so I have been on a hunt ever since. Then whilst watching Channel Mum on You Tube I came across a super cute white chocolate candy cane how to and used this as my inspiration...

You Will Need (makes 6):

Chocolate (280g) 
12 candy canes
lolly sticks

Cellophane bags, ribbon and tags if giving as gifts.

The magic of these gifts are they look so good and are so easy people wont believe you made them yourself!

First up melt your chocolate, whilst its cooling to room temperature grab your candy canes and unwrap, arrange them as shown with a lollypop stick...

Spoon the chocolate into the centre of your candy cane heart...

Decorate with your sprinkles, you will have to work fast otherwise the chocolate will set!

Put in the freezer for 15 minute to set the chocolate. You can then wrap them ready to give to your chosen recipient.

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  1. These are amazing! So simple yet so effective, great idea for a teachers gift x


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