The Snowman and The Snowdog Personalised Book Review

When Penwizard emailed and asked if we would like to review a book from their Christmas range of personalised books, I SCREAMED yes! After reviewing their personalised Peppa Pig books previously I was very excited to see the Christmas range....

Please note...I have pixelated the name on the front to protect identity.

Penwizard have 6 Christmas books to chose from and we decided to chose the Snowman and The Snowdog. We decided to get this for Ellie's sister Hollie as we have also bought her the DVD for a pre-Christmas treat (but ssshhh its a secret!)

We were able to customise the illustrations to best match Hollie - dark curly hair, fair skin and even add glasses to the main character so it does truely look like her! Her full name is printed on the front of the book inside Ellie was able to leave a special message, of her choice, on the introductory page.

I'm really pleased with the finished book, the personalisation on the front of the book and throughout the story reads and looks natural, like we could have plucked it from the shelves in our favourite book shop. I sometimes think personalised books sound a little weird when you read them aloud but Penwizard have managed to do it flawlessly!!

The books can be made either hardback or paperback, as you can see we went paperback as personally I prefer a paperback book to a hard back. Prices start at £17.99 for the soft back version and with quick postage (ours arrived within a few days) you can be sure to receive before Christmas if you are quick!

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