Sands Alive Soft Modeling Sand Review

When you live at the seaside there is one thing people always say ''Oh it must be so nice to have the beach close by'', which, well,  I mean it is BUT I'll admit, we rarely go in the summer let alone the winter! That's not to say the monsters don't ask frequently to go to the beach and build sandcastles...

...So when John Adams got in touch and asked us if we would like to review their super soft modeling sand Sands Alive I said yes, I was hoping we would get all the fun of the beach but in the warmth of home and without bringing the mess of the beach to the house! And whats more it promises not to dry out which means we can enjoy the fun of the beach over and over and over....

Was it all it lives up to be? Well yes it was great fun and the monsters all loved it but I personally didn't think it felt real sand, I cant describe the texture, it was smooth and felt very calming, a great sensory play tool It wasn't as easy to clean up as I thought it would be, we have a carpeted house and it took a hard brush to get some of it out the carpet (mainly where it had got warm under Evie's knees and had stuck to the carpet) so I would definitely advise mess mat underneath the tubs.

Despite the bit of mess we will definitely continue to play with it, it was great fun and kept all the monsters busy for at least an hour, and probably would have continued to keep them busy had I not said it was time to tidy up! The moulds made great sculrptures and Jenson and Ellie both enjoyed making animals and towers, and Evie was happy to just play and wasn't too fussed with the moulds.

I was surprised by how well the dough formed the sculptures and how they stayed together enough for you to move them (carefully) around, to build towers and make scenes etc. The ball we made even rolled without falling apart!

We were kindly sent 2 sets to play with the Sands Alive Classic Set (RRP £14.99) and the Sands Alive Animal Set (RRP £19.99). 

Sands Alive Animal Set.
Comes with 675g of sand, 3D animal shaped moulds, paw print roller and a play tray, this set includes everything you need to create your own animal kingdom. 

Sands Alive Animal Set

Sands Alive Classic Set.
The Sands Alive Classic set comes with 460g of sand, six shaped moulds and a play tray. 

The Sands Alive sets are made up from all natural ingredients and is non-toxic and doesn’t stain These soft modelling sand are perfect for play indoors and outdoors and suitable for children aged 3+ but I would let Elsie have a play too, I think she would be fine playing with it with me close by.

John Adams Sands Alive is available from all good toy shops and online retailers.

Disclaimer: We were sent this product in return for an honest review, all opinions are our own.

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