Getting A Good Nights Sleep Thanks To Sleepy People

A few weeks ago I received an email which claimed by answering a few short questions in the Sleepy People Pillow Selector quiz would be able to recommend a pillow to ensure me the best possible night's sleep. Lets see I am constantly tired I don't ever really sleep very well so I said yes, I mean I am up for anything that means I will sleep better!   

Pillow image from Sleepy People website

I answered the Pillow Selector quiz over on the Sleepy People website feeling a little dubious...could a pillow really help me sleep better at night? I mean unless the pillow got up to the kids every time they woke up I would be onto a winner right? So after all the questions had been answered I was told the best pillow for me, (a side sleeper who gets far to hot at night!) was the Sealy Optimal Latex Pillow priced at £69.99. 

Image from Sleepy People website

The pillow arrived a few days later and I was really looking forward to using it but as Elsie was poorly and I was to review the pillow I left it a few days knowing I would not be getting much sleep with a poorly 2 year old! 

Eventually the night came for me to use my Sealy Optimal Latex pillow (which may I add Dean was and still is very jealous off...who knew that pillows could be a thing of jealousy!) The description box on the Sleepy People website claims that ''This Premium natural latex pillow from Sealy is highly responsive providing effective pressure relief and springs back into shape instantly supporting you when you move position'' 

And they weren't wrong! 

Since using the pillow I have had some great nights sleep, certainly the best I have had in a very long time. I fall asleep quickly and when I am asleep I stay asleep, at least until the monsters wake me. Another thing I have noticed is my clicky neck has gone. I am in love my pillow, and in love with my bed again! 

Now I must say before doing this quiz I would never have paid £70 for a pillow. But now? Well now I am sold! And wont think twice about spending this and maybe more in the future! In fact after we have got Christmas out of the way Dean is taking the Pillow Selector quiz to see if it helps him sleep at night too! 

You can take the Sleepy People Pillow Selector Quiz here. Let me know if you try it!

Disclaimer: We were sent our pillow free in return for this post. All opinions are my own.

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