DIY Bat Girl Fancy Dress.

This morning I found out that in 6 days there is a Superhero day at Ellies school. With no spare money to go out and buy a new outfit I panicked then decided to have a hunt around the house and see what I could come up with...I did pretty well and within an hour we had this fab Bat Girl costume. 

What I should probably say is, well this is a pretty rubbish how to, because I wasn't expecting the end result to be blog worthy but well, I love it so here I go, first up...

What you need:

black leggings
black tutu
Batman t-shirt (or a black t-shirt and an iron on Batman logo transfer, available widely and cheaply on eBay)
an OLD black t-shirt (preferably adults size scoop neck)
black face paint
black eye liner pencil

So you have all the basics to your costume all you need to do is make a cape and paint your superheroes face!

To make your cape, lay the t-shirt flat and cut off the sleeves. Next cut down the side seams and again lay flat. Now cut across edge to edge across the line up of the scoop neck to make your ties. (I hope this makes sense, I realise I should have taken pics, in fact, I will make a short video if I can find another t-shirt!!!). If you are using a basic NON scoop neck t-shirt follow this HOW TO for a no tie cape. 

Next just search google images for a batman logo and pre-draw on your superhero's face using black eyeliner and fill in with black face paint.

And there we have it a super fast DIY costume! Now we are off to fight the baddies...


  1. hahaha! We got the letter from my youngest girls school too yesterday. Superheroes for Children in Need. Grr!
    Fab costume....I'm going to have to have a look around the house. I am not buying a costume for one day x

  2. You star, Becky! What a great idea.I saw your photos on facebook the other day, I thought you bought it from the shop. Well done. xx


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