Cuddledry Cuddledeer Review

If there's one thing I have said on this blog more than anything else, it is how much my kids HATE bath time...especially fact the others were all fine about bath time before Elsie! So we are always trying things that make it more fun! Enter Cuddledry with the super cute (and rather awesome) Cuddledeer hooded towel...

Last week we were sent the Cuddledry hooded towel to dry out, and where I knew it wouldn't make the bath time fun, it would help ease the tantruming that always continues way after the bath (seriously its like she is traumatised it takes a good 20 minutes to calm her down!!) 

The Cuddledeer did a great job and within a few minutes of been snuggled up in her towel she was peaceful and shouting for Santa...Jenson helped the situation by finding a Santa hat and playing pretend! 

This towel is a lovely fawn colour in the classic Cuddledry toddler wraparound design, with soft felt antlers and dotty back. It also has a silver stud button just below chin level so that it doesn't fall off! The towel is also super soft thanks to the bamboo and cotton towelling, and according to Cuddledry it will always stay soft no matter how often you wash it AND as it is 60% more absorbent than cotton, it will dry your little dears (dears...deers...see what I did their!!) in moments!

Elsie was dry and happy within minutes and then...well then she refused to get dressed so I ceased my opportunity to film this video for Cuddledry, in which we pretend it is Christmas Eve and prepare for Santa's arrival. Luckily Elsie is far to small to understand that Santa wouldn't come so the whole event went seamlessly!

Disclaimer: We were compensated for filming the video for Cuddledry, although I didn't have to write this post, I just wanted to share how awesome the Cuddledeer is with you all!

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