Halloween Face Paints with Snazaroo.

Normally our Halloween outfits consist literally of just the outfit we rarely face paint mainly because I find shop bought face paint  its always a pain to remove and ends up with screaming kids and stained faces so when Snazaroo got in touch and asked if we would like to try their face paints I said yes! 

Knowing that Snazaroo are the brand the pros use but my mind at rest that all would be well and so  yesterday afternoon me and the kids got creative and had a go! Bear in mind I've never face painted please so be kind in the comments box!


Using a dark green , we used the Snazaroo Classic Face Paint (£4.15), cover the whole face I found the large Snazaroo sponges worked best for this and made the job really easy and effortless.

Next using a Snazaroo face paint stick in black (£4.49 for 6 multi), draw a zigzag line in the middle of  of the forehead. Then use a brush to colour the area above in black to form the hair.

To finish off use the brush and black paint to add some "scars" and your ready....

Tah Dah... What do you think?

Purple Witch.

Evie wanted to be a purple witch so taking some inspiration from google images here is what we came up with...
Using the smaller Snazaroo sponge that came in the Halloween Face Paint Kit (£13.00) create an ombre effect circle (OK, OK or similar shape) using the purple paint in the Halloween face paint kit. Start just above the eyebrow and finish just at the cheek bone. Use the thin brush, again from the Halloween Kit and black paint to draw a thick chunky eyebrow towards the top of your circle, just above your own eyebrow. Then to finish of, still using the black paint and brush draw a cobweb on one cheek, a spider dangling from the eye on the opposite side and some black on the lips.  We didn't have any but I would love to have finished it off with some of this Snazaroo glitter gel on the spider web! 

What do you think? 

If painting faces is a bit to scary for you why not try the Snazaroo stencils (£4.15 for 6)  All you need is a face paint of your choice and a sponge. It takes a few seconds to create something. And was perfect for little ones who don't sit for long but want their face painted too (cough cough...Elsie...cough cough) 

On the matter of clean up, I was VERY VERY impressed with how easily the face paint came off, considering how well it coped with being touched and prodded and rubbed by little fingers! With just one baby wipe Jenson's face was clean and not a stained face or tear in sight!!!

We are having a Halloween/birthday party on Thursday for Elsie and I can't wait to get our face paints out and try a few more designs! Make sure you follow us on Instagram to see what we come up with! I can't wait to use the Snazaroo Special FX Kit!

I really love the Snazaroo face paints, they may seem expensive but it is most definitively worth it, the face paints we have been sent will last us forever! I think I am definitely going to purchase more and practice a bit more too!!

Disclaimer: We were sent the Snazaroo products in return for a post, all words/opinions are my own.

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