D.I.Y Halloween Paper Pumpkin

It's no secret we love Halloween, last year we made decorations for the mantle piece, this year we have made some decor for the widow ledges and (non working) fire place. These paper pumpkin are really easy to make and a great bit of D.I.Y decor.

What You Need:

Orange paper and/or card
Pipe cleaner 
Sharp pencil or a pen
Optional: Glitter glue/paint

This is so easy to do, cut your paper/card into strips pierce each end with your pencil and thread one end through the pipe cleaner, curl the bottom of the pipe cleaner around itself and push the strips to the bottom, then push the pipe cleaner through the top hole, keeping enough of the pipe cleaner to make a stalk. Pull each section round to make a pumpkin shape, if you like squeeze some glitter glue or paint...

Tahh Dahh!! Why not experiment with different kinds of paper? Or different sized card, change up the amount of strips you use? 

We also made a short How To video...

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