The Ordinary Moments. And Then There Was One...

So I am writing this post a whole week earlier than I expected to. You see Evie shouldn't have yet started preschool, but on Monday morning just gone we got talking to her preschool teachers by chance as we were at SureStart just next door...

...and they offered for her to start that afternoon...due to some dropping out they had spaces in the settling in period to move her start date forward! So Monday afternoon, with just enough time for a bakery lunch I dropped Evie of at preschool for her first ever session...

Me and Elsie headed home...

We enjoyed snuggles galore. 

I enjoyed a whole hour of mid week peace as she napped.

Then the next day we got Evie and Jenson ready for their afternoons at school/preschool and as I took photo's and called Elsie over for an outfit of the day hit me. 

From now on it was just going to be me and Elsie. I know that it would only be for afternoons...but well I had mixed emotions.

Sad that it was the end of this chapter, my boy starting school and Evie of to preschool. 

Happy, that my little Elsie would get something she had never to herself!

So as we head into our next chapter, of many a school run (I will be walking to and from school a mammoth 6 times a day!!!), I am looking forward to the adventures the next couple of years have to and my Elsie Bear against the world!


  1. Its so emotional isnt it! My daughter is starting preschool next week after a space came free, and I'm not sure what I'm going to do with myself! Also six times a day!? Woah! I thought my four times a day was bad! x

    Abbie |

  2. Ah look at her cute face! She is totally adorable huni and will adore the one to one mummy time :) xx


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