Bananagrams Wild Tiles Review

We love playing family games in this house, but, yep there's a but, we have a toddler who LOVES to, how can I put it? Oh yes wreck games! we therefore have to play games during Elsie's nap time, therefore I hate it when games have a million and one pieces and take forever to set up, so when we opened up the  Bananagrams Wild Tiles and saw that that was a much set up as you need I let out a small woop!

Banangrams Wild Tiles is a follow up game to Banangrams (which we haven't ever played so I can't compare, sorry) with really simple instructions, and even come with a few 'extra ways' to play once you have got the hang of it. 

The tiles are scrabbled tile sized and come in this awesome zip up banana! Ellie loved it! 

So the idea of the game is to create your own crossword grid with your 20 (or so) tiles. The winner is the person who uses all their tiles the fastest.

We have also played in a few of our own 'made up' versions (AKA Mum cant be bothered to play so why not try it this way!) such as use all the tiles and think of a word for each letter of the alphabet, foods, places etc, we have also had a race against the clock.

It a great game to play as a family and is equally as good a game to keep the biggest monster happy when she is BoReD! 

With so many ways to play, this will definitely be a favourite with the colder months on the way, you could play a different variation ever night of the week! Its also a perfect game for on the go, and will definitely make it into our travel bag on our next trip away. If your Mum or Dad to tween's or teen's you should go buy it now! Go on...what you 'hanging' around for! (get it!!)

Disclaimer: We received this product free of charge, in return for an honest review. All opinions and photos are our own.

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