It's Time To Board The Potty Training Train with Thomas and Friends.

In little under 6 weeks Elsie will be turning 2, so I have been thinking about potty training...

In fact we did try a couple of weeks ago, my niece was training and Elsie wanted to wear her pants too, so we went with her prompts but after day 3 of her just screaming in fright every time she needed to wee, we did try the toilet too but that was...well that resulted in a breakdown on the highest level, so we decided to go back to pull ups for a little while (we use ASDA Little Angels First Pants) and introduce the potty more slowly at nappy changes and bedtime. 

As well as leaving the potty in the living room for her to see all the time we have also started reading and looking at Thomas and Friends My Potty Book (published by Egmont RRP £7.99).

Through out the book Thomas & Friends take you through every step of potty training. And with lots of photographs of real children, your toddler will be motivated to give it a go just like them. The pages in the book cover everything from choosing pants to washing hands, and also the inevitable wee on the floor! 

But its OK...its just an accident! 

And for when Elsie does get it right there's a reward chart and stickers too! 

We have had the book for 3 days and that along with introducing the potty more slowly has led to Elsie now wanting her pull up changed every time she wets it! Which, I mean I don't do, part of potty training is feeling uncomfortable, and she has started grabbing the potty and asking to it on it...which is at least a step in the right direction! 

We are going to try again with pants very soon, but I want to make sure she is more than ready and the Thomas and Friends book is a great way to ensure she feels comfortable and not scared as she was at the beginning of our potty traning journey just a couple of weeks ago!

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We have also been looking at the Thomas and Friends Well Done Thomas Activity Book (published by Egmont RRP £5.99) when it is just me and her at home in the afternoon, it a great book to encourage positive behaviour, it comes with 4 pages of stickers, certificates and 2 reward posters you can set some extra challenges too! We have been using one for sitting on the potty as that has encouraged her to not scream and cry at it! 


  1. For teeth brushing, the bane of mine and Luke's lives! x

  2. good behaviour - doing what she is asked to do without tantrums etc

  3. Staying in bed all night!

  4. Dinner times can be a battle in my house, what a great incentive this would be!

    Clare Munden :)

  5. Getting ready for nursery without me nagging!

  6. Getting my Daughter to brush her teeth! It's such a battle x

  7. For Harry sleeping in his own bed and not mommys

  8. definitely listening to mummy and daddy and doing as he's told! he can be quite stubborn

  9. Brushing teeth is a nightmare in our house

  10. Teeth brushing here too, he used to be so good but its getting to be a nightmare now and he really plays up


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