Process Art with Bikes, Scooters (and apparently our bodies too!)

I have become a major lover of process art...I have been searching Pinterest and You Tube for inspiration the last week and it all began after watching THIS video on YouTube so on Friday after school we grabbed our bits and bob's and went out into the garden to create...

What You Need:

Shower curtain 
Baking trays (we found some for 75p in Wilko's)

Pour paint into the baking trays and then roll your wheels through the paint, then off you will need to go barefoot as obviously feet go through the paint too! Ohh and do be careful, the shower curtain gets very very slippy!

Remember, there doesn't need to be a specific end result, the fun is in the process!

^^^ Watch the video! ^^^

The first 'end' result (before they decided to use their hand' and feet!!!):


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