5 Ideas For...Process Art For Kids.

First of all let me explain 'process art'...process art is all about the creative experience rather than the 'end product'. It allows children the time to see how things work, what they can do with given materials, make their own decision's and be creative in their own unique way. 

Why not give it a try and try out these 5 simple ideas for process art, you should have all of these items in the house already, and if not they are readily available on the high street...remember its about how the art is created NOT the end result. Their is no right or wrong way. Offer the materiel's and see where it leads and most of all have fun!

Offer grated chalk powder and chunky chalk's and get outside for some rainy day fun! 

2. Spin Art with CD's.

This is so simple to set up an do, all you need is some DVD's/CD's! some marker pens and a canvas of your choice for your creations! Read our guest post over at Monkey and Mouse!

3. Tissue Paper Painting.

tissue paper painting

Another super simple activity to try, all you need is tissue paper, card, water and a paintbrush! Read our guest post over Clares Little Tots.

This was one of my most favourite things we have ever ever done! Yes it was super messy BUT the monsters did not stop laughing the whole time they played. 

5. Cotton Wool Splat Painting.

Now I must admit...I HATE cotton wool I have a massive phobia of it, but I love the look of this activity, and the monsters are plenty old enough to tidy up after themselves! I would do this outside though!

Are you a fan of process art? Or do you prefer to have a specific end product? 


  1. I love process art. Are you familiar with the artful parent blog? I love her blog and book. Thank you for sharing 5 great ideas.

  2. These look great fun and ones I'll definitely save for when H is older. #thelist

  3. Some great ideas here! When they're so small it is all about the doing and having fun rather than the actual outcome. We can't expect masterpieces at this age, but usually the results are surprisingly good! #toddlerapprovedtuesday

  4. I've never heard of process art but it makes total sense. Ava sometimes gets disappointed when her creations don't turn out like they did in her head, so this would be a good way to help that. I love the tissue painting and we bought some at the weekend so we will definitely be trying it! Becky. X ToddlerApprovedTuesday

  5. Love these ideas - agreed re process art - such a good idea and I love the look of the chalk painting we almost did it the other day but then the weather cleared up! argh! Thanks for hosting #TodderApprovedTuesday xx

  6. Love these ideas, I have only tried process art with O as he would get upset when any 'pictures' didn't look like what they should, but it appears to have paid off as he's actually painted a passable sunflower and train recently! I want to try the tissue paper and cotton wool splat one (outside too!). :) x

  7. I love process art. Kids are always so proud when they've created something just how they wanted. That cotton wool painting looks a lot of fun. #Toddlerapprovedtuesday


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