The Ordinary Moments. Ice-cream's and Exploring.

KSummer time....summer times with the monsters. Exploring the town we live and eating ice-creams! This week has been full of rain so on Friday afternoon when the sun finally came out to play, we donned our sunglasses and scoffed nice messy ice-cream's and explored a part of our town that the monsters hadn't visited before...

Tucked away to the side of Princes Parade is a small quiet area, (so peaceful in fact that laid on a part on the grass was a man, snoring away), with winding paths, steps, a small pond, a bridge and plenty of  flowers, a full on sensory experience. The monsters hurriedly rushed around exploring everything, smelling flowers, hunting out fish in the pond, hiding round windy paths corners. 

''Whats up here Mummy?'' they would call excitedly as I sat on a bench with Elsie who was finishing of her ice-cream. 

''Look Mummy...look''...

''I spy....''

''There's a buzzy bee!''

''Its so quiet here Mummy!''

And indeed it is, you would never know that you were a 5 minute walk from Skegness' bustling town centre and packed beach. Across the road is a small cafe and ice-cream stall, just down the road is crazy golf and the model village. Tucked away behind our little piece of peace and quiet is Lagoon Walk beach. 

We will definitely be visiting again. It was a great place to burn some energy and calm the monsters down. A really pretty area that thankfully the council keep well maintained. As we walked up to our little piece of heaven I was sad to see another tucked away area, that myself and Elsie had visited not 2 weeks ago, had been vandalised and flowers had been pulled up, what was previously a little waterfall and stream had been left to dry up and was full of empty beer bottles, crisp packets and more well as a bench been shoved over and upturned in the stream. It was a sad sight to be seen, why do people feel the need to wreck an area? Sigh.

They loved it so much we went back the next day to show Daddy!

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  1. How lovely - wish we had seen some of that lovely blue sky here ! #OrdinaryMoments

  2. Loved the video and how funny there was a man asleep- it looks like a lovely park. Your little girl looks the same as my daughter after an ice cream. ;) x

  3. What a lovely place! Sounds like they all had fun. Really sad that someone had vandalised the other place though. #OrdinaryMoments


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