The Ordinary Moments. Beach Days.

We are so lucky to live at the seaside, and even luckier to know of some super great, quiet beaches out if the way of all the holiday makers! 

 A couple of weekends ago we took ourselves off for a beach day, and after lunch in the close by picnic area we grabbed our towels and our buckets and spades and headed of to enjoy the sunshine!

The skies were blue with fluffy white clouds, that along with the brisk sea breeze meant paddling in the sea was out of bounds! Luckily for the monsters the tide had just gone out and had left puddles they could go and jump in and also meant that the beach was lined with seashells, seaweed and (dead) crabs galore ready for little explorers to collect in their buckets!!

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  1. So jealous. Wish we lived close to the beach - is take up residency there!!!


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