Crafty Summer Fun With Baker Ross.

When the email asking me to become a Baker Ross Blogger landed in my inbox I did a little squeal, we love crafts so of course we jumped at the chance! It wasn't long until our box of goodies arrived...

They have been great use on rainy days and for filling those 'I'm bored' moments!

The first things we tested out was these cute wooden gnome chimes we used the craft pens Baker Ross had also send us.

In each pack of wind chimes there are 4 little gnomes, all different designs....

The pens were great! nice thick nibs and bright colours that worked great on the wooden gnomes, and have worked great on some paper plate crafts we have done too. Ellie loved the pens and has wanted to use them at any oppurtunity for crafting!

Another item we were sent were these crafts baskets (£3.96 for 6) and some square mosaic self adhesive jewels! We used ours as gifts for the teachers at the end of the school year (Ellie has 2 teachers and Jenson has 4 so to have had to buy all 6 teacehers a gift would have been expensive, thesse cute baskets meant I was able to buy 1 box of chocolate and share between them all, and they got a little home-made gift as well. 

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  1. Yup! I squealed too when I got an email...hehehe
    Those wind chimes look fab....We have ours hung in the back yard.
    I love those pens. We have used them a few times since and they are lasting well :) x


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