Do You Remember #3

To My Beautiful Ellie, You often say I must hate you, you often say ''you never do nice things with me'', you forget that for 7 years it was just didn't have to share memories, it was just you and I. Making memories together, lots of ordinary moments that I hope one day you will look back at with fondness.  I thought I would record some of the moments here in a 'Do You Remember' feature, maybe you can read them when you think the whole world hates you...

Do you remember your first day of school? 

3rd September 2009. Your first afternoon ^^^

18th September 2009. Your first full day. ^^^

So eager to learn. 

So excited to learn new things. 

Eager to start your education.

Excited to make new friends.

This year will be your 6th year of school and in those 6 six years you have learnt so many new things, even teaching me a few times! (Usually something math related!)

You have made many a friend, most who have shared your love of everything from Justin Beiber, (I know, I hate Justin Babyface now!), The Wanted, loom bands, Moshi Monsters and most recently One Direction, Zoella and thanks to all the You Tubers you love, making videos with your friends!  You have made many a memory with all of your friends, first sleepover's,first days out, first visit to friends after school.

Do you remember me crying, as you snuggled my leg a little bit too hard, scared to run into your classroom on that first day. 

Do you remember how your worries were soon gone, by the time you started full time you were eager to be at school early to be 'first in the line!'

Do you remember your Disney princess lunchbox, full of your favourite goodies?

Do you remember the HUGE amount of school bags you had! Peppa Pig one day, a rabbit bag the next...maybe the fluffy bag you used to love, and I hated, when I wasn't in the mood for an arguement so early in a morning!!

And this year, in just a couple of weeks when we will embark on another 'ordinary moment', another first day of school, as you head into your last year of primary school, did I really just type that....your last year before big BIG school...


  1. What a lovely post, I'm sure your little (or not so little) girl remembers these moments. xx

  2. I bet all these memories just seem like yesterday. It's so frightening how quickly they grow up! #OrdinaryMoments

  3. Aw bless her, what a big girl and it sounds like school has made her thrive. It made me emotional this post as we are going through the whole starting school thing. I am so emotional when I think about it! This makes me feel reassured though. I hope she enjoys her final year. x

  4. Big, big school!! I still remember my blooming first day! Aww, I hope she enjoys her final year and enjoys being the oldest in the school! They go from being the oldest to bring the youngest ! Ray xx

  5. Aww, a lovely post! So many memories, I still remember my first day. :) x


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