5 Ideas For...Shared Bedroom Themes.

Jenson and Ellie share a room, and we are starting to think about decorating it for them (when I say starting I mean 6 months ago!) so we have been looking at lots of ideas for brother/sister shared bedrooms, here are our top 5 faves, and the themes in the running!

1. Nautical. 

I love , love LOVE this theme, and think it can be made very unisex with equal amount of red and blue, and plenty of white...although I'm not sure that the words ''Jenson'' and ''plenty of white'' go together so well!! 

2.  Retro Colourful.

If there is one girls room I love the most it is over at the Mummy Daddy Me household! The girls shared colourful retro feel bedroom is just awesome and cute and bright and amazing...and I love it so much! Katie also showed a room tour over on the Channel Mums You tube page so be sure to check that out too! 

3. London.

The monsters are OBSESSED with London, and I think it would be really cool to theme the room around the one thing they both adore! From London bus fairy lights to taxi cushions, there is soooooo much stuff out there! Me and Ellie had a field day on notonthehighstreet.com they have a  massive amount of London themed interiors for kids.

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4. Monochrome.

This was never a thought until I saw a pic on Oh So Amelia's Instagram feed, her baby boys bedroom is just beautiful. Who knew monochrome could be so cute! Read her blog post HERE!

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5. Spots and Stripes. 

I love spots and stripes together! In fact the majority of the themes above could just incorporate this!

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