5 Ideas For...First Day Of School Memory Keepers

Soooo...there are just 2 Mondays left until Jenson starts school. And I have been thinking about ways to preserve the memory, here are my top 5 ideas...

1. Chalkboard.

First Day of Kindergarten Sign - First Day of School Chalkboard Sign Printable Photo Prop - Personalized Back to School Pink - ANY GRADE
Photo from etsy shop Kids party printables.

Make your own or get one made...I love these adorable personalised boards from Kids Party Printables on etsy (£5.88)

2. Personalised book.

It took me ages to find a starting school personalised book! But I finally found one over on NotOnTheHighStreet where you can personalise by name AND character! And not only can you personalise the child, you can also personalise Mum and Dad!

3. First Day Interview (click for a free Printable).

I have made a printable that me and Jenson can fill out the morning and afternoon of his first day. I've made it a printable image too, just click the link above or the image below!

4. Photos.

A bit of a no brainer here! But a list of memory keepers wouldn't be complete without photo's! Now just to choose just a simple snap on you phone, or something a little more adventurous! Pinterest has loads of ideas, off course! Why not follow our photography board for some ideas I love?

5. Photo frames (yes I know I kinda cheated here!)

This one from Rachel's One Stop Shop is highest on my list! Its so cute and home made and the colours can be personalised to you too. 
photo from Rachels One Stop Shop facebook page (link above)

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