Today In A Years Time! 2015

One thing I love about Timehop is that it shows me all my old tweets which means I keep getting reminders of old blog posts, that to be honest I had forgotten all about! One of those forgotten posts was Today In A Years Time (2014) so here we are 1 whole year later...


Wednesday 15th July 2015

Today's Weather...


My Mood...

Well...stressed of course! You do know my monsters right!

Last year: STRESSSSED! The monsters have been devils all day!!

What We Did Today...

Last year: We spent the morning joining in with Read For RNIB. Big Bear Hunt. 
This afternoon we were visited by my Mum (she does the school run on Tuesdays as she volunteers just next door to the school...HANDY OR WHAT!) and also my Nan popped round for a chat (and with her usual bag of goodies for the monsters, today she bought, apples, chocolate swiss roll and a jam and cream swiss roll!)
For tea I made an Odds and Sods was yuk and I wont be making it again!
After the kids went to bed, a good bedtime tonight all 3 younger ones in bed and asleep by 7.30 and Ellie went up at 8.30, tonight has been spend catching up on Hollyoaks and then catching up on some of my favourite blogs.

What I'm Hoping for The Next Year...

For Myself...
Last year I said: I hope that I will be at my target weight and hopefully have gotten myself a new 'style' as I am just stuck in a leggings and vest rut! I also hope that I'm not so stressed and arsey all the time...I also hope that me and Dean can get over our recent problems and get back to been ''Becky and Dean'' instead of Mummy and Daddy.

This year I am happy with my weight, I am aiming to be living a healthy all round lifestyle with treats when I want them, I attend boxercise and have just started Personal Training sessions, to be fit NOT to look a certain way...My style has progressed some what and I have a few more items in my wardrobe, maxi dresses, maxi skirts and a couple of playsuits. I could still steer away from the leggings though! Me and Dean? Well Dean gets plenty of time to be 'Dean' and I get a couple of hours a week to be 'Becky'. 

For the next year? I hope to become less stressed, and less angry with everything. I seem to be constantly anxious about everything, and end up been in a foul mood before I even start my day just from been anxious about how the day is going to go. 

For my monsters...
Last year I said: I hope that Ellie will still be doing amazing at school and I hope to get her blogging for herself, she absolubtly adores writing and has always been praised on her writing skills at school, I hand on heart hope its something she gets in to ''when shes older''. I would also love to see her more settled in herself and less bothered about what others think of her! 

Ellie is doing amazing at school and has got B's all round at school, and her writing she got A/B. Again the teachers continue to praise her writing and she has started her very own blog 'Adventures Of A Tween'. She could still work on been less bothered about what others thing but hey maybe that's her age! For the next year, her final year of primary school I hope she continues to do well in her learning and continues to make new friends. 

I hope that Jenson has had an amazing first year at preschool, as currently he is so clingy to me and some days wont even go with my Nan or Mum when they want to take them out so I'm a little scared for his preschool journey to begin...I think it is gonna hit him hard :(

Jenson's preschool journey has been a whole lot easier than I thought it was going to be! He loves preschool and is looking forward to big school in September! He is still a little clingy in new situations but is mostly a happy and confident boy. I hope the next year is full of excitement and his love for learning continues to grow.

 I hope that Evie is happy and ready for her preschool journey to begin. I want to make sure she is happy to be away from me and doesn't end up as clingy as Jenson is. 

And my little Elsie I hope she continues to grow into a gorgeous happy toddler, just like my other beautys!

Evie and Elsie have grown into happy little girlies, although Elsie is very very clingy. We have started attending a weekly group together and both girls love going,  Evie is excited to start preschool in September and I don't think we will have any problems when we finally get to her first day!

For us as a family: I hope to get ALL of our passports sorted and have an amazing holiday booked, I want to take my beauties on a plane and enjoy the rest of the world...even if it is 'just Spain'. I hope that we will be 1 step closer to a new bigger house and maybe...just maybe I might be on my way to becoming a driver so we can be out of the town and into a perfect little village somewhere!

Well, we don't have passports...we got a caravan instead! So we enjoy road trips with our little Betty!! I'm still no closer to driving, maybe later in the year when Jenson is at school and Evie is at preschool, then I only have 1 to find a babysitter for!!

My Babies...

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