Snack Time with OXO Tot! (Review)

If the monsters got a chance they would be eating all day! They are constantly asking for ''something to eat please Mummy!'' So to ensure they don't eat me out of house and home OXO Tot sent us their fab snack pots to try!

OXO Tot kindly sent us 2 of each of their snack pots to ensure no one was left out, so we have had a chance to check out the Flippy Snack Cup and the Flip-Top Snack Cup. I love them both, they are both perfect for the monsters and I can definitely recommend them!

The Flippy Snack Cup (£6) also comes with a travel cover to ensure snack's don't dry out  and has a soft, flexible 'flap' type opening perfect for little fingers to grab their goodies, and the flaps also ensure that when the pot is thrown, or dropped the snack stays inside! Hurrahhh no tantruming because the food is on the floor whilst they play a game of I'm-gonna-throw-it-so-you-have-to-pick-it-up!

The Flip Top Snack Cup (£5.50) is perfect for older tots, it has a non-slip grip and  the small size also makes the cup perfect for  your handbag (OK, OK the frozen backpack the toddler makes you use!). The easy opening flip-top lid also stays attached, so it won't disappear! Which is always a plus because I can not tell you how many snack pots without lids...or even lids and no snack pots we have in the kitchen cupboards...which begs the question why do we keep pots and lids we don't need?

Every morning we all sit together and fill our snack pots up for the day, I find that having the monsters help me out means they are more likely to eat, which in general I think is a great tip to encourage toddlers to eat! The pots fit perfectly in which ever bag we are using for the day whether that be the changing bag, a back pack or, god forbid, I get to use my own handbag!

Then when it comes to snack time, they can be grabbed quickly, opened easily by the monsters themselves, which means no tantrums over who's got opened first!

One of the monsters fave snacks is bread sticks and cereal hoops, which don't go dry and soggy, the pots are really good at keeping food fresh. 

Disclaimer: We were sent the snack pots in return of an honest review. 

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