Review. The Basil Brush Show, Live! The Full On Fox Tour.

As you know the kids are big YouTube fans! One of the channels they enjoy watching is The Basil Brush Show, they love watching Basil,  and his sidekick Mr Stephen's, hilarious adventures!

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The live show take's you on an adventure full of laughs, stories and songs in a brand new, and specially written, stage show packed with fun and excitement!! 

When Basil’s evil fox nemesis hypnotises the theatre manager into sabotaging the 'Basil Brush Live Show' well you know the saying the show must go on and so Basil, ever the professional after being in the industry for over 50 years, and his newest sidekick Mr Stephen, have to improvise.

I shan't give away too much in way of story, else well that would ruin it wouldn't it, but what I will tell you is all 4 of the kids LOVED it! Elsie spent most of the show dancing, Evie joined in with all the songs, all the dancing and all the shouting (of course!) and Jenson giggled his way through the whole 90 minutes! And Ellie was kept pretty amused by the couple of Basil Brush groupies (yes actual 50/60 year old women with a collection of Basil puppets and a Basil Brush hat (I kid you not!) had come to watch the show and Ellie just found it rather funny, especially as they were there alone with no children in sight and got told off on more than one occasion for taking photo's and video's of their idol!! There were even plenty of laughs for the adults too...or is just me that laughed when Basil declared he loves to dunk his ginger nuts?  

And then at the end of the show you get to meet the famous Basil and super friendly Mr Stephen for a chat and a photo! Although if I am honest the theatre didn't really think this through and could have placed them in a better position as a bright light behind Mr Stephens head meant the photos came out a little rubbish! 

Basil and Mr Stephen are touring until the end of November 2015 in various places up and down the country why not heck out the website and see if there is a show near you?

Boom Boom!

Disclaimer: We were sent these tickets free of charge in return for an honest review. 

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