Do You Remember...#2

To My Beautiful Ellie, You often say I must hate you, you often say ''you never do nice things with me'', you forget that for 7 years it was just didn't have to share memories, it was just you and I. Making memories together, lots of ordinary moments that I hope one day you will look back at with fondness.  I thought I would record some of the moments here in a 'Do You Remember' feature, maybe you can read them when you think the whole world hates you...

Do you remember...

When we lived a long way from where we live now? Up until you was 4?

Do you remember we used to take the (long) train journey from Loughborough to Skegness at least once a month.

Do you remember when You tube did't exist on phones! (Just the other day you laughed that Nanny Carol used to use a typewriter at school...imagine in a few years when we tell Elsie that when you were small there was no such thing as smart phones!)

Do you remember spending hours packing one of your many back packs for the journey? 

Do you remember sitting and umming and ahhing over which toys to take?

Do you remember saving a special spot in your chosen bag for your 'banklit' (blanket)?

Do you remember having your own MP3 player full of song you loved to sing too? Amy Winehouse, Justin Timberlake and Timberland just a few of your faves! 

Do you remember we would rush up the train to find a table so we could spread your books, toys and crafts out?

Do you remember how cross you got when we had to get a replacement coach because you couldn't get your toys out!!

Do you remember how excited you used to get when you saw the caravans out of the train window knowing that in a couple of minutes we would be there? There to visit Nanny Carol, Pappy and you Aunties and Uncle. How you would ask with a Christmas like excitement if we would have anyone meeting us at the station? 

Do you remember all of these ordinary moments? I remember these memories, do you?

 Sorry the photos are a little phones back then were definitely what they are now!


  1. Crazy to think how in such a short time how technology has come on. I often think how Charlie must feel going from an only child to one of three. I hope they do look back and realise how we do still love them exactly the same x

  2. Aww lovely post always nice to look bank and remember the fun things you've done x

  3. Aw this is so lovely, and I bet she will treasure these when she is older and can read them. It must be so strange suddenly having to be a big sister- but you look like you had lots of fun together! x


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