Cereal Box Basil Brush Fox Puppet

At the weekend we went to watch Basil Brush on Tour and I wanted a quick activity on Monday to continue the Fox Theme! I looked all over Pinterest and remember seeing something similar to this but I cant remember where it came from (and I can not find it now!) All you need is a cereal box, some paint and a marker pen to make these super cute Fox Puppets.

What You Need:

Circle cut from a cereal box (we drew around a saucer)
Brown/Orangey Paint
White Paint
Black Marker Pen
Orange Pen
Sticky Tape 

Cut your circle in half, keep on half for the fox's head and cut the other half in half again and then in half again, then cut the rounded ends of to make 2 triangles for the Fox's ears

Next use the orange pen to mark of the markings on the semi circle (as a guide for a toddler to paint!) and also paint your 2 triangles too...

When all the pieces are dry, curl the edges round and stick together with tape to make a cone shape, then stick your triangles inside and fold upwards to form ears...

Finish off by drawing a nose and eyes...

Tah Dah, Your very own Basil Brush Fox Puppet...

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