5 Ideas For...Old Tyres

I've been meaning to share this post for a while put it has jut been at unfinished but during this months #ParentIdeaSwap Twitter chat we all seemed to be inspired by and want to recycle old tyres, so I have finished this post off with my favourite 5 Ideas For Reusing Old Tyres...

1. The thing that got me thinking about using old tyres, and possible one of the first things I pinned was this Tyre Rocker post over at According To Boyle. I thought they would be easy to make, according to the hubs (who lets face it, is going to have to make them for me!) they aren't as simple as first seems so, yep you guessed it, 2 years later I'm still waiting!!!

Image courtesy of According To Boyle (link above)

DIY sandbox from an old tire! Such a cool idea! #DIY #tutorial
Image courtesy of I Heart Naptime (link above)

Image courtesy of My Fix It Up Life (link above)

4. There are loads (and I mean LOADS) of images and ideas all over Pinterest, for Tyre Planters I recently saw that one of my fave teaching accounts on Instagram, Mrs Gourdis, had posted some fab planters she had made with her students...

A photo posted by Australian Teacher (@mrsgourdis) on

5. Want something quick to keep the kids busy? Why not set up a tyre obstacle course? This is currently Jenson's favouritest thing in the world after his sports day, he asks every day for us to make a 'hobicul course' for him! We are just eagerly awaiting Daddy bringing some home from work!!! Think like Great Fun 4 Kids Blog....

Image courtesy of Great Fun etc (link above)

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  1. What fantastic ideas. I would never think of using Tyres like this x


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