Do You Remember...#1

To My Beautiful Ellie, You often say I must hate you, you often say ''you never do nice things with me'', you forget that for 7 years it was just didn't have to share memories, it was just you and I. Making memories together, lots of ordinary moments that I hope one day you will look back at with fondness.  I thought I would record some of the moments here in a 'Do You Remember' feature, maybe you can read them when you think the whole world hates you...

Do you remember...

You was 2, maybe 3, when we used to walk to the shops, for your favourite lunch? Do you remember? 

Do you remember what your favourite lunch was? 

Do you remember the excitement that drove your little legs down the street the fastest you ever used to walk? 

Do you remember the smell of the bakery as we bought fresh bread rolls? Do you remember the coldness of the fridge as we stood and chose our soup? Do you remember the worry you had that the little local shop wouldn't have your favourite 'value' swiss roll and carton of custard?

Do you remember the way you used to rush me home? 

Do you remember whilst I made lunch you would drag out your table and hunt out a long sleeved always were a mucky little pup! 

Do you remember how we would sit together at your little table slurping our soups and dipping our bread, although you would mostly get it all down you and try with earnest to clean your self up as I cleared away and made pudding! 

Do you remember that these lunch times ALWAYS ended in an early afternoon bath, to remove swiss roll and custard from your curls! And to wash your tomato soup stained face and more often than not your tummy too?  

I remember it all, the special memories, the ordinary moments we shared!


  1. Love this, it's the little things that are so important and you've captured this beautifully x

  2. Ah this is so sweet!! I love the fact you are documenting it. So lovely. xxx


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