5 Ideas For...Pinterest Boards To Get You Started.

Hi my name is Becky and I'm a Pinterest Addict...

It would seem the whole world and his dog is in on Pinterest, what do you mean your not? You don't ''get it''? Its simple, you create your boards you 'pin' stuff! More often than not stuff you will never make, nor buy...but pin you will and be inspired you will! But I here you call what should I pin? Well my friends here are 5 ideas to get you started on pinterest!

1.  Style.

Think of this board as a wardrobe wishlist! My own board is called 'Wardrobe Overhaul', I also have pin boards for tween fashion, toddler girls fashion and boys fashion! I even had a pin board of beard inspiration for the hubs when he decided to grow a beard! 

Think hairstyles, summer styles, holiday styles, wedding styles, winter wardrobes, hats, bags the world is your oyster!

I have boards for nails...I bite my nails and therefore none of the designs I pin will ever be seen on my nails but you know..its Pinterest the land of dreams!!! 

2. Home. 

Who doesn't love a nosey around other people's houses, luxury houses at that! And then to see you can re-create it! YES PLEASE! (well by recreate I mean if you aren't as creatively challenged as me!)

3.Kids Crafts. 

Who needs colouring in and crayons? With the world of Pinterest at your feet you can keep the kid's busy everyday from the day they are born until the day they turn 18...or at least you can think you can...zoom forward to attempting that perfect 'easy' craft and you turn into a mad woman pulling your hair out! Poundland it is yeah? At least the though is there!!

4. Baking.

Who cares if you aren't Mary Berry Pinterest makes you think you could be the next big thing in celebrity chef-dom! Who knew there were so many ways to make a swiss roll!

And for when you hit the pinterest-fail wall (time and time again!) the next board will be the one you go to to cheer yourself up...

5. Funny!


  1. I love Pinterest. Great board ideas lovely. I also have a blog board and have some of my categories from my blog on my Pinterest. xxx

    1. Thats a great idea Kat, shall add it to my list of Pinterest to do list...its qetting long!!

    2. Finally there is a post about Pinteres! I have Pinteresr but it is empty because I don't have a clue what to do, LOL But these are great ideas and it was actually very funny. Thanks for sharing this. Have a nice day, xx


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