5 Ideas For...Indoor Water Play

As we head into the great British Summer, how many of you are planning that day out to the outdoor (and free!!!) paddling pool? We certainly are, well that is we tried last week...the weather was beautiful for around 5 days, the forecast looked good so we planned a trip to the local paddling pool, The Fairy Dell, for the weekend. We got the kids all excite for it..and then the weekend came...full of thunderstorms and a whole lotta rain. I needed to think quick, the monsters where expecting a splashy watery play kinda day...and not just jumping in puddles! So I came up with these 5 Ideas For...Indoor Water Play.

1. Duck Pond Sensory Play from Fantastic Fun and Learning.

Duck Pond Water Play~Great Sensory Activity for Toddlers and Preschoolers
Photo courtesy of Fantastic Fun and Learning (Link above)

We haven't done a  sensory tray for so long! I love this one, it would be absolutely perfect for all the monsters to enjoy!

2. Water Crackles Tuff Spot from Adventures Of Adam.

Water Crackles Tuff Spot
Photo courtesy of Adventures of Adam (link above)

We don't have a tuff spot but I am sure this would work just as well in a water tray or similar! I've also seen these sachets in Poundland so I may have to stock up on a few!

Photo courtesy of Learn With Play At Home(link above)

So many chances to explore, learn and most of all to play! We will definitely be trying this out!

4. Lukeosaurus and Me has the perfect water play but not water play activity with her Toddler Foam Sensory Play it looks super fun, and maybe I am a fool for thinking it looks pretty easy clean up mission too? 

Toddler Foam Sensory Play. Green Foam. http://lukeosaurusandme.blogspot.co.uk
Image courtesy of Lukeosaurus and Me (link above)

5. And sometimes? Sometimes you don't need anything special, all you need is a bit water and some cups to pour, I love how happy Monkey is in Becoming A Stay At Home's simple water play post.

tuff spot play with water 2
Photo courtesy of Becoming A Stay At Home Mum (link above)

And I love Caroline's ending statement:

 ''Doing this kind of thing is one of the things I love most about being a SAHM and I need to be less afraid of what could go wrong and think about how fun it could be instead.''


  1. Thanks for featuring me and for your kind words lovely, great collection of ideas here and some I really must try!! :) thanks for sharing xx

  2. Great ideas! Can't beat a bit of water play, indoor or out ;)

    X #toddlerapprovedtuesday

  3. Great ideas! The foam thing looks very interesting! #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

  4. Great ideas. I agree though that sometimes just water is all you need. Give Georgia water and a bowl and she's amused for hours. #ToddlerApprovedTueaday

  5. I love water play and is the best when it comes to operation clean up. Agree that sometimes just a tub of water is all you need. Keeps Georgia happy for hours #ToddlerApprovedTueaday

  6. Some great ideas here! I love water play. I've pinned your post and will share on facebook :-)

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