5 Ideas For...A Homemade Fathers Day!

Why does the world think all men like drinking beer and cooking on a BBQ? Its really hard to find a gift for the hubs from the monsters! He really DOESN'T want (or need) yet another mug...

Looks like homemade is the way to go!

1. I love this DIY art from Mums Days, it is perfect for any age  but especially toddlers.

Fathers Day gift from a toddler! #toddler #fathersday #art #craft #DIY http://www.mumsdays.com/fathers-day-toddler-style/
Photo Courtesy of Mums Days (link above)

2. Photo Collage (You can get free printable's HERE at Positively Splendid)

This adorable photo collage displaying things kids love about the men in their life is the PERFECT Fathers' Day gift!
Photo Courtesy of Positively Splendid (link above)

3. Get your bake on and bake Dad's favourite biscuits or chocolate bars. There are loads of recipes all over the internet for almost everything you would usually buy...why not give it a try? The monsters will be making their Dad some Tea Biscuits using this recipe from Food52.

Rich Tea Biscuits
Photo Courtesy of Food

4. I love this All About You Basket from The Dating Divas...yes OK its supposed to be a valentines gift. But I think it would work perfect as a Fathers Day gift to get the monsters thinking about Daddy!


5. There are loads of Free Printables at Twinkl. I love this Book About My Dad..

A Book About My Dad Template Fathers Day Gift Idea - father, dad
Photo courtesy of Twinkl (link above)


  1. Another cracking 5 ideas for... post. love the 'all about you basket' xx

  2. Some great ideas here Hun. I've got to buy 3 gifts and do three cards. Will take some inspiration from here. Thank you :-) xxx

  3. Oh - I LOVE that picture frame idea! My husband is hard to shop for so I always try to do a personalized gift from the kids each year. That would be a great idea for his office!

  4. I love the idea from twinkl and it can be adapted too which is good. We will be making cards and getting a small gift for D&Es dad - we don't really do mothers and fathers day to any great extent x

  5. I like the basket idea and the phot is really cute to capture the kid's thoughts at the time #toddlerapprovedtuesday

  6. Oh shoot. It's nearly father's day. Better get my home made on.......

    I also like the idea of "passes" daddy gets to go play golf etc etc tailor made and crafted by said monsters!

  7. Such fun ... thanks for sharing this, it's given me a few more ideas about Father's Day gifts. My hubby is definitely not a beer person. I'm pinning and sharing your post if you don't mind. I'm especially going to check out the printable book. #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

  8. Father's Day is by far the hardest holiday to make cards / gifts for. We've made a card but think we will be baking as our gift. I love the photo idea #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

  9. What great ideas, I love the photo - so cute!

  10. Great ideas, love the gift basket and completely agree with the no more mugs!! :) xx


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