The Ordinary Moments #3 Balancing Act

I love this link up from Katie at Mummy Daddy Me, its made me be more aware of the everyday the thinks that occur regularly, that I think are nothing, but in fact are the thing I don't want to forget. Like walking in the woods or feeding the ducks.  This week I am sharing the monsters love for walking along the grates up a pathway down from our house...


 We walk that way to town and to school and every day without fail the monsters HAVE to walk along the grates, the train track as they call it, they carefully walk along so that the train (themselves) don't fall from the track! 

It used to be Ellie's favourite thing to do but she is, as she is so many things now, slowly growing out of it, then it was on to Jenson who gave it the name of the train track. And of course everything Jenson does Evie does too! And then little Elsie who just has to do as her big brother and sisters do. It's nothing special, quite an ordinary moment, but non the less a memory I want to remember. Watching her as she waddles and toddles along behind them, not quite the balancer that her elders are!

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