Smartie Pinata Birthday Cake

Wednesday saw us celebrate Jenson's 4th birthday, as we had already had a party for him at the weekend tonight was a quite family affair, just us guys, pizza and a homemade cake...a pinata cake to be exact! I am so pleased with how it turned out I thought I would do a little post...

First of all let me tell you this isn't really a recipe, more of a erm, cheats how to, and also secondly, I wasn't planning a blog post so I don't actually have many photos of the process!

So what will you need?
* 1 packet chocolate sponge cake mix
* 1 packet vanilla sponge cake mix
* Butter
* Powdered Sugar (I used Royal Icing, I know your not supposed to but this is what Dean picked up in Tesco's!)
* Cocoa Powder
* Smarties (I used 4 tubes of regular smarties and 2 boxes of treat size mini smarties)
* Ingredients needed to make up the above cake mix. Can I also make the following suggestion, one which I now always follow since seeing it somewhere on the web a while ago...Add 1 extra egg to the amount stated, and instead of water use milk. I think it makes the cake taste much better!

So first up make and bake your sponges and once cool split them into 2 (like a sandwich sponge, or alternatively make 4 thinner cakes rather than 2 large ones) so you have 4 pieces of cake.

In the mean time make up your butter cream, I opted for chocolate! cake only had 3 layers because ermm well I may or may not have dropped one I say this may or may not have happened. I'll let you use your own judgement on that! 

So for the bottom layer and middle layers NOT THE TOP LAYER PEOPLE, NOT THE TOP LAYER!!! you need to make a hole in the centre, I used a kids plastic beaker, it was the perfect size...

Then layer up your sponges with a delicious layer of butter cream, and alternate choc/vanilla/choc/vanilla, now don't get too carried away, you need to fill that hole with smarties before you but the top on! Once its full (I used the 4 tubes of smarties, please bare in mind I only had 3 layers) put the top layer on and then smother the whole cake in butter cream (if you really want to cheat why not buy ready made frosting?!) 

Finally, sprinkle the mini smarties on top, add your candles and voila your ready to celebrate!


  1. That is awesome! I thought there was much more faff in making them! Yum! yum! x

  2. Seriously looks like the most amazing cake ever. I really loved the video on your Instagram; SMARTIEEEESSSS!!!! I want one nowwww!! Xx


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