Little Life Safety Harness Review

Elsie is now 18 months old, she is wanting more and more to get out of the pram and walk. And whilst this is all well and good when we are exploring Castles and country parks, on the school run...well lets just say it isn't very relaxing as she legs it after cats, runs into people's garden's and runs into EVERY shop you walk past! We needed reins...

And then the lovely people at Little Life offered to send us one of their Owl Safety Harness' to try.  

Suitable for ages 1-3 years the Little Life Safety Harness features easily adjustable shoulder AND side straps, a fabric front panel, and attachment point for the LittleLife safety rein which is fully removable. (also included).

The harness fastens via 2 click straps at the back, meaning the harness is easy to put on...
LittleLife Toddler Daysack Safety Rein
The safety rein is easily attached (and detached) via a clip, to the attachment point at the back of the harness. Meaning when it is time to go back into the pram their is no fight to take the safety harness off! Just unclip the safety rein and back in to the pram the toddler goes!!

Elsie was really comfortable wearing the safety harness and not once has she pulled or tugged at it, its easy to adjust (during the video filming we went from bulky coat to just a thin layer, the harness adjusted easily with just a little pull on each side). 

It looks ace and is so much cuter than lots of other things out there at the moment. Its also lightweight and non bulky, which actually is what we have found really hard to find, there are so many back pack reins on the market that finding a 'normal' set of reins was proving quite difficult!

You can purchase the Little Life Safety Harness from the Little Life website for £14.99

Whats that?

Look at this Mummy!

Come on....lets go!!!

Evie bless her...well if the pram is empty why should I walk!!!

We were sent this product in return for an honest review.


  1. So weird, I have just been looking up reins for the twins and came over to have a look at your blog and this was the first thing I spotted!! They look fab, I like the look of ones that are more padded at the front now and they do look so much more comfortable, very cute as well! xx

  2. I had a nice one like that but unfortunately it didn't really work, Josh would just sit on the floor and not walk with it on :/
    I love that last picture, made me giggle x x

  3. They look great, love the design very cute. I need something like this for my toddler as she has normal reins and there not very good xx

  4. Great review! I love this, it's so cute.

    Elsie looks as though she is loving being able to have a little bit of freedom! :)


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