Happy Birthday Iggle Piggle! Cbeebies Land At Alton Towers

On Sunday we were lucky enough to be invited to Alton Towers/CBeebies Land for the special In the Night Garden party! 

First of all I must apologise...these photos have some up absolutely rubbish, there must have been a thin film of something on the lens and they have came out all blurry and well...just rubbish! 

We arrived at Alton Towers around 10.30 and headed straight for Cbeebies Land, we had a wander around Mr Tumbles sensory garden and then as the queues were already getting busy so we started queuing for the In The Night Garden boat ride, and to be honest it didn't matter that the queue was (apparently) 20 minutes long as their was plenty to keep the monsters busy as we waited! From Xylophones, to bead boards their was plenty to keep little minds busy and not thinking about the fact that they were waiting!!

Just as we got to the front of the line Beth from Twinderelmo text me...the party had started at 11..it was 11.20...WE WERE LATE! Can you believe it, we had been invited to this awesome event and I had made us late thinking it started at 12!

We needn't have worried as the lovely hosts were nothing but kind! As we entered the room there was so much going off! I don't  know what I was expecting but it wasn't this! 

In the center of the room there were child height tables with all sorts of crafts from decorating party hats, decorating stones for Makka Pakkas's garden, face painting, balloon modelling, colouring in...just loads and then their were the lovely entertainers who kept the kids smiley and happy with dancing, stories and games!
Meal time came and we feasted on hot-dogs, burgers, sarnies, salads and crisps! Yum! Party food to be proud of!

Elsie with a mouth full of hot-dog!

Then it was time for us to meet Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy....Evie ran straight up wrapping her little arms around Upsy Daisy!

And Jenson went straight for a high five with Iggle Piggle!

And Elsie, bless her, was more interested in her juice carton than having her photo taken!!! Babies hey!!

Then it was time for a sing song and birthday cake, it was yummy or erm well so I was told by Jenson and Jofoli the preschool bear who came with us for a trip!

 And then it was time to leave but not before a party bag each! They were filled with In The Night Garden goodies, books, DVD's, soft toys, stickers...

Iggle Piggle's day was made EVEN more special by the fact that a Guinness World Record had just been broken...

Earlier that day Iggle Piggle unveiled the worlds largest polar fleece blanket made by DreamTex and measuring 98.8m sq...that's large enough to cover around 56 children's bed's!

We had an absolutely ace time at the party and a great family day spent at CBeebies land and Alton Towers (which we explored more after the party, keep an eye on the bog for a mini day out post!!) We have already planned our next trip...will you be visiting this year?

Disclaimer: We recieved our tickets and invites complimentary, there was no obligation to share with you, but het we had a great time so thought you would like to here about it!

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  1. I have seen so many blog posts about this event and it looked like an amazing day. I bet your children had such a great time xx


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