D.I.Y Ben Elf (from Ben and Holly fame!!!) Fancy Dress Costume.

This term Jenson's preschool have had a theme around Elves and Fairys, he has loved the theme, and ha came home every afternoon excited to tell me what they have been doing, and Friday just gone saw a special 'Elves and Fairy Day' at preschool where all the children got to dress up as, well obviously, Elves and Fairys! 

Now to start Jenson wanted to be a blue boy fairy (called Dave???) BUT I could  not find any blue wings for him ANYWHERE, and then well I kind of forgot about it until Wednesday...so 2 days to sort a costume, I'll let you imagine the words I muttered on Wednesday afternoon when I remembered! 

Jenson then decided he wanted to be Ben Elf, which was actually quite simple, all we needed was blue bottoms, a blue top and an elf hat (oh and apparently a flute...who knew!). 

Now luckily we went shopping a few weeks ago and I bought him some bright blue jeans...PERFECT! And as I searched his wardrobe for a plain blue top I started to panic...no plain blue tops uh oh! And then just as I was giving up hope I found a blue top at the back of his wardrobe (although he had to wear it inside out because it has a HUGE monster truck on the front!!!). 

All that was left was to make a hat. 

To do this you need:

2 A4 sheets blue sugar paper 
Sticky Tape
Green foam or card

Draw a leave shape on your green foam/card, cut out, remember to add a little bit of detail.

Stick you 2 sheets of sugar paper together along the longest side.

Fold in half (along the 'fold' you just made)

Fold in the 2 top corners and stick down. 

Up turn the bottom and stick down, turn over and repeat on other side. 

Stick your leave on one side and then open out to wear! 



  1. Great quick fix! I think he looks great, I knew what he was straightaway. Love hose cute rosy cheeks. #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

  2. Aww he looks so cute!! I'm not looking forward to having to try and make fancy dress for M. I remember my mum making my costumes. This seemed like a good plan for an outfit though! #toddlerapprovedtuesday

  3. This is so sweet! I can't wait to start playing dress up with Evie. He looks like he's having such a good time. :-D xx

  4. Aww, he makes a very sweet elf, I love the costume! :) xx

  5. I love simple, impromptu dressing up costumes. So clever and cute! xx


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