Baked Honey & Cinnamon Banana Bites | Cooking With Kids

The monsters, and myself, love pancakes we are always making them whether it's Shrove Tuesday or not! I also like to try new toppings on them, this is also a perfect bake for kids to do themselves too!

What you need: (serves 4 toddlers) 

2 bananas 
Cinnamon (alter to your own taste) 
2teaspoons of honey (and maybe a little extra squeeze for good measure!)

To serve: Pancakes (I used pre bought, they were reduced the night before to like 19p in Morrisons!) 

Peel and chop your banana into bite size chunks (top tip: I score along the top of the banana so Jenson can see where to cut) and put in a loaf tin...

Drizzle 2tsp of honey over the top of the bananas...

Oopps missed!!

Sprinkle on some cinnamon...

Pop in the oven (gas 6) for around 10- 15 minutes, half way through give them a toss to coat them in the now liquid honey. 


Serve on top of a pancake and drizzle with the now deliciously liquid-y honey.



  1. And she does it again! Another fab, easy recipe to make with the kids. Keep them coming! #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

  2. This is a great idea. We regularly make pancakes together on a Saturday morning so I'll be trying out these banana bites to go on top - yum!

  3. I reckon my hubby would love these too! He loves a banana on a pancake!! xx

  4. Oh wow! These look ah-maze-ing! And I love how T could help out, this may well become an after nursery snack for us! X


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