5 Ideas For...Odd Socks!

I don't know about you but we have a whole load of odd socks, in fact we have a carrier bag full so I can attempt at pairing them back up but the fact is many of the partner socks have simply disappeared, never to be seen again! So it got me thinking what could I do with them? That of course bought me to write this post, 5 Ideas For...Odd Socks!

1. Sock Snake by Grosgrain Fabulous!

I love this snake! It just looks awesome! I'm not the best at sewing though so I'm a little unsure how this would turn out!!

2. Hot Packs from Raegun Ramblings.

A no- sew super quick make. Ellie loves hot packs in the winter so we will definitely remember this one!

Please take note the fabric of the socks you use, a comment mention that polyester or rayon socks can get VERY VERY hot. 

3. Rainbow Bubble Snakes from Housing A Forest

This one is DEFINITELY making it onto our Summer bucket list! These look like such fun! 

The next two are probably more obvious, but I couldn't not put them on here!

4. Sock animals.

So many tutorials all over Pinterest, sock octopuses, sock monkeys, rabbits, crocs...the possibilities are endless! Although I am yet to find a truely simple and easy one to make, our attempt's at Christmas were truely shocking! 

5. Sock Puppets.

A much more simpler craft if you want to make something to play with but aren't a Queen Sewing Bee. A bit of glue, some googly eyes, some felt and some scissors and your away. Let your kids imaginations take over what will they create? 

We would love to see your odd sock creations tag us on Instagram (3princesses1dude) or post them to our Facebook wall we would love to see them!!


  1. Lovely ideas! We have so many odd socks it's unbelievable! I must make something with them and really love that sock snake! :) x

  2. Great ideas, I think I'll make some sock puppets for the girls. The snack looks great but I don't have a sewing machine. Thanks for sharing this lovely. Xxx


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