The Ordinary Moments #1 Walking In the Woods

We have started making quite a habit of heading out in the car up to a little country park, with woods and valleys to explore, walk and well just be happy! Snipe Dales, near Hagwortingham in Lincolnshire is actually only a 15 minute drive from our house and I cant believe we didn't think about taking the monsters their sooner...

The reserve is one of the few remaining examples showing the Lincolnshire Wolds as they were, and just one of a few valley systems still surviving in Lincolnshire. There are  two halves one with mixed woodland in the Country Park and the other consists of wet valleys, grassland and scrub in the nature reserve. 

With lots of hills to run up and down...

Trees to explore, and climb of course!

And trees to swing from...

We found a couple of dens that apparently the Gruffalo had made, well according to Jenson anyway ;)

 And we even found this see saw...

And after all the exploring it was time to slow down and take a slow walk back to the car,

Its funny how a few weeks ago that a walk through Snipe Dales was something 'different' to do over the Easter holidays, to fill the time but has turned into a place to go to regularly. Where we can make special memories just being with each other in nothing more than an Ordinary Moment. 

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  1. Aww, a great day out, the woods are fabulous for all ages aren't they. Lovely photos! :) xx

  2. Gorgeous pictures, those trees look absolutely perfect to climb and swing from!

  3. Now this is my sort of place, plenty of freedom for the kids to run free use their imaginations and spot where others have done the same. that woodland see-saw is genius! thank you for sharing a happy family day out on Country Kids.

  4. Mine all love a day out in the woods running around and exploring everything.
    Its great to get them out and about using their imaginations x

  5. Stunning pictures, ooh love outdoor fun #countrykids


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