Paper Plate Chicks

The inspiration for this activity came from Clares Little Tots on this weeks Toddler Approved Tuesday, as soon as I saw them I knew they were perfect for my little monsters, even Elsie joined in. It was also a chance for my gorgeous boy to star in his first ever solo video!

In case you missed it here is what you need:

Paper Plate
Yellow Tissue Paper (cut into squares)
Yellow Feathers
Marker Pen
Glue Stick

Look at his little face!

Cover the plate with the yellow tissue squares...

Add feathers each side...

Finish by adding features.

Aren't the lights the cutest!! (Poundland by the way!)

This is our entry into Ocean Finance Easter Craft Competition. The competition is open until 10th April 2015, full details can be found HERE!

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  1. I did similar with Daniel and emma too xx looks fab


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