Cardboard Box Playhouse.

Did you see my 5 Ideas For Homemade Toys? Last Sunday night I took a large box we had (that had been taking up space since Christmas!) and turned it into this ace playhouse for the kids...I know that it is still taking up space but at least it is getting used! 

What You Need:

Large Box
Craft Knife (or similar) 
And nothing else but a bit of imagination!

What Else I Used...
Cereal Box 
Cereal Bar Box 
Paint (I used some emulsion paint we had left over and some kids craft paint) 
Sticker Letters

First up you need to make the box child height, I opened my box up at each end and then used masking tape to attatch the flaps upwards...

Luckily our box had a thin piece of card inside that formed the bottom of the box along with the flaps, I used this to make a roof...

I then used a pen knife to cut out windows and a door way. I reinforced with a few layers of masking tape...

And that's that the house was done BUT I wanted to make it a bit more exciting!!

I painted the box using some left over emulsion we had, this was clearly for aesthetic appeal. 

For the window boxes I cut a cereal box in half (from top to bottom) disassembled and painted yellow. For the post box I used a cereal bar box, dis-assembled it and painted it red..

Then I was done and ready for bed! I left all the pieces to dry over night and the next morning got up and assembled  the window boxes and post boxes and stuck them onto the house. I used some crumbled up parcel paper for 'mud' and used felt and card to make some flowers. And finished off the post box with some sticky letters. And that was the playhouse finished and ready for my monsters happy faces to grace the windows, pick flowers and post letters!

Did you notice that the POST on the front of the box changes colour...yep that would be Elsie peeling them off!!


  1. This is ACE!! Although boxes in our house quickly get converted into slides *sigh*

  2. Aww! That is just adorable! Well done you! Cardboard boxes are such fun x

  3. Looks great. Love the post box too!

  4. This is SO awesome, I love the blooming details you've added too. You're such a great mumma ;) The post box is my favourite bit, I think. ;) I also love that they have a little window. When I was young I used to love nothing more than a good "den" and they were usually made from cardboard boxes - but never as glam as this! Ray xx

  5. I love this! Amazing that its still going a week later and they haven't trashed it as well. I want to go and buy something big now :-) #TodlerApprovedTuesday

  6. Love this! This looks so much better than the attempt I had (which you will NOT see on a blog post as it was soo bad!). Have pinned & will share :-)

  7. I just adore this, it's so cute. Love all the little touches, the kids look as though they love it.

  8. This is fantastic! The kids must love it, look at their happy little faces! Love all the finishing touches, the post box will be well used and flowers pretend watered too. A great idea! :) xx

  9. This looks amazing!! I am so going to borrow this idea =D

  10. This is amazing and what a cute little house too. I shall definitely be trying this when a big box comes along ;-) xxx


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