50 Things That Make Me Happy.

Last week (or so!) I was tagged by the lovely Lucy at Mr's H's Fave Things to take part in the 50 Things That Make Me Happy tag...

1. My babies

2. Days out as a family

3. Exploring new places

4. Visiting York

5. Cuddles and squeezes!

6. Baking

7. Seeing my monsters playing together

8. Date night with the hubs

9. Family date nights

10. The noise Jenson makes when a motorbike/fast car/ exciting vehicle goes past us

11. My monsters smiley faces and giggly voices

12. Homemade cards and gifts

13. Ellie's stories she (used to) writes

14. Betty (Caravan!) 

15. Watching the monsters try out something new and succeed

16. Shopping

17. The excitement in  the monsters voices when I get up in the morning

18. Ellie coming home from her Daddy's 

19. Watching Jenson helping Daddy with his jobs

20. Seeing Ellie with her friends

21. Evie's excitment at anything Disney Princess related (especially Frozen) 

22. Listening to the monsters singing

23. Evening walks along the beach in the summer

24. Fresh fish and chips (yum!)

25. Christmas Dinner

26.  Childhood memories

27. Hot chocolate and...

28. Cake!

29. Eating out

30. Finding a bargain

31. Visiting places I went to as a child with my monsters

32. Watching pranking videos on you tube

33. Blogging

34. Elephants

35. Sunshine

36. Snow

37. Tugging in my monsters and giving little kisses before I turn in for the night

38. Fresh sheets 

39. Old photos

40. Rubbish TV (yes TOWIE....you!!) 

41. My bloggy friends...especially Leandra and Beth who I speak to EVERY DAY!

42. Happy Mail!

43. Audrey Hepburn movies

44. Theme Parks 

45. Hearing strangers praise my monsters behavior and manners in public (If only they knew the real monsters!!!)

46. Frozen!

47. The monsters playing dress up.

48. Hearing the monsters ask about Grandad, gutting for me that they never knew him but I feel they KNOW him from our stories and photos.

49. Random acts of kindness, from strangers. Like this e card that fell into my email inbox on Mothers Day: 

50. My gorgeous nieces! Mwah!

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  1. Aw great list! Oh the pressure is on now...

    No 41 aw bless you xxxx

  2. great post I love the idea x

  3. Aww lovely! Will have a think and write my list! Loving the card from Papa Tont! :-)

    1. Lovely isn't it. It was such a suprise and, well my Mothers Day was pretty sh*t! So recieving that...it meant a lot!

  4. Love it! Writing this is going to make me happy! Ps. My favourite is no. 6! ;)

  5. Fab list! I have never been to York, is it lush? Thanks so much for linking up to #TheList x

    1. Ohhhh Aby I love York soooooo much! You must definitely go! x

  6. lovely list - I especially like the random acts of kindness, this doesn't happen as often as it should! x

    1. No it doesnt, an it is also something I should do more off too! X


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