5 Ideas For...Homemade Toys ANYONE Can Make!

You know some days, OK, OK every day, I look through Pinterest and wonderful array of homemade toys that look fab. Hand sewn soft toys, sock monkeys (which we have attempted..and failed!) toys made from babies first clothes, play kitchens made from an old TV unit...the possibility's are endless, well that is are if you a) have the time b) are able to sew and c) you are a creative genius! 

But what if you arent a creative genius? You don't have a sewing machine? and actually in the real world the only time you have spare is a couple of hours after the kids have gone bed before your snoring on the sofa in front of *insert favourite programme here* well here are 5 homemade toys you can make quick(ish), once the kids are in bed and they can wake up to a brand spanking new toy by morning!

1. Letter Stones from Happy Hooligans.

I love these letter stones from over on Happy Hooligans.  Younger children can just explore the stones and the letters, whilst older children can start forming words and how about a game of outdoor hangman with the tweens? 

Photo courtesy of Happy Hooligans (link above)

2. Wooden Road from Buggy and Buddy.

My guys would LOVE these! And as simple as a bit of paint and masking tape....HUZZAH! 

Photo courtesy of Buggy and Buddy (link above)

3. Blow Football Pitch.

I know this is and easy, anyone can make toy because this is mine! We made this last year for the World Cup celebrations..it lasted longer than England too...who-dda thinked it!!

4. DIY Colour Blocks from And Next Comes L.

I've wanted some of these for sooooo long but with a price tag (around £20 for 6 blocks) I cant really justify I have refrained from buying any! Who would have known that they could be o easy to make! I cant wait to get these made...I may be more excited than the monsters!

Photo courtesy of And Next Comes L

5. Cardboard Box Play House.  

What kid doesn't love a cardboard box? This can be as simple or as elaborate as you like! Maybe just a box with a door cut into it? Or maybe something with window boxes, wallpapered walls...stairs and an upstairs bedroom (ok maybe not!) but you know..go for it! Why not follow my Pinterest board (below) for some inspiration? And keep a look out for the house I made last night..I promise I will blog it in the coming week!

Do you make your own toys? We would love to see them on our Facebook page!

Or are you 'crafty challenged'? Do you think you might attempt any of these? Leave me a comment below and let me know.


  1. I spend ages on pinterest looking and pinning things that I'm never going to make! Just wish I had the time and skills to get it done. The cardboard play house is fab, you never know I might be able to give that a try x

  2. Those cardboard box playhouse are seriously impressive. Must. Make. Some. Stuff! Honestly, I want to but where does the time go?! Haha! #TheList xx


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